Fiji Rum Co

Heavenly Rum, from Paradise on Earth

Fiji Rum Co – Since 1980

Fiji Rum Co – Produced at South Pacific Distilleries in Lautoka since 1980. Located on the beautiful island of Fiji, in the stunning Nadi Region, resides one of the Pacific’s best kept secrets, the Fiji Rum Co Store. Situated on the cusp of the Denarau Golf and Racquet club, the Fiji Rum Co store front is unparalleled for discovering the true taste of the Pacific.

Distilled and matured in Fiji’s tropical climate, the finest local ingredients come together to produce our famous Fiji Rum Co rums.

Recent Awards and Accolades won by Fiji Rum Co’s Lautoka Distillery


  • 1983 Gold/Silver/Bronze Medals in London
  • Accumulated a further 14 Gold, 20 Silver and 3 Bronze medals from all the Major Shows around the World
  • 2011 most recent awards IWSC London, Gold Best in Class 5YO, Silver Best in Class 10YO, Silver 3YO, Silver 2 YO
  • 2011 Ministry of Rum Competition San Francisco Gold 5YO,2YO, Silver 10YO, Bronze 3YO
  • 2014 UK Spirit Business Awards Bounty Spiced Rum received a Masters Award, Bounty White Rum a Silver Medal
  • 2014 San Francisco World Spirit Competition Bounty OP Rum Double Gold Medal, Bounty UP Dark Rum a Silver Medal, Bounty White Rum a Silver Medal, Bounty Spiced Rum a Bronze Medal

What Makes Fijian Rum World Class?

  • Fiji is relatively young in geological terms, the island retains its very rich volcanic soils with virtually no erosion. As a result, most sugar cane is grown organically.
  • Our Plantation grown sugar cane is still cut by hand, leading to a richer cane juice with fewer tannins remaining.
    Fijian Sugar Mills use traditional techniques producing a much richer Molasses with a higher base sugar. This gives a much better starting base for our fermentation and a more unique flavour profile is the end result.
  • Depending on the blend, our Rum will have a higher content of Pot Still, giving a unique flavour profile as opposed to Rum from Continuous Distillation used elsewhere.
  • The Fijian climate is ideal for the maturation of Rum due to the heat and the humidity which accelerates the ageing process. This produces more complexity of flavour over a comparable period in colder climates.
  • Fijian water is fresh and pure, falling from the Pacific into our natural water sources